Thursday, October 14, 2010

Why I haven't posted for several months

Life should be lived and not observed. Thus i haven't had to sit at home writing about life because i am living it.
I will try to post every couple of months, but probably not more than that.
Quick update:
Summer went too fast! :D
I am working at a grocery store doing the accounting and such.
I am going to Green River college for Running Start. I absolutely love it!!!! So many good friends and old homies go there.
I am not really homeschooling anymore except for physics class
Sarah has been at college since August and we miss her tons.
My Grandpa in China had some health issues and had us all scared for a while. I might be going out there to visit him over Thanksgiving. But that is still not all the way decided yet.
i have to take the PSAT on Saturday (AAAAHHHHHHH) :D
My parents started an apologetics club at our house.

So there you have it. A quick major event update. Of course there have been tons more going on, but i don't have time today.