Monday, December 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Bekah and Kristen!!!!!

Happy Birthday to Rebekah M and Kristen T.!!!!!!!!!!! Hope you two have a great year being 16 and 18.
Love ya,

Saturday, December 26, 2009

New formats

I think I will change this blog around a little bit in the next few days..... tell me if you like it.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

I wish you all a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS! I hope you all will enjoy this celebration of Christ's birth.... Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Two different colored eyes...... :)

Yesterday I woke up with two different colored eyes. One is pink, the other is blue! I make quite an interesting picture, almost a scary one. Anyhoo I will write more later....

Monday, November 9, 2009

One year closer to a wheelchair...:)

Yup thats right... today i am 16!!!! Glad that I made it this far!!! :)
Anyhoo thats all......

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Happy, happy, Happy

Trudy went home to be with the Lord. She is soooo very happy now. Trudy has been one of my best friends for over 11 years. Earlier this year she found out that she had severe liver cancer. She is one of the sweetest gentle little ladies that I knew..... I do not know why she had to die this painful death........ But I know that she is resting in the arms of Jesus........ She was saved and baptised only a month ago...YAY!!!!!!
We all miss her so very much,

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Happy Birthday Rayni!!!

Happy Birthday!!! You are one awesome, fun, cool, Friend.
Have a great year being 16, I know you will, especially the debate part of it!!!! :) (hehehe)
Anyhoo, see ya SAT...... FRISBEE YAY!!!!!!!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Hey i am still in existence :)

Yeah did you forget that I blog on this blog?? Well don't worry, so did I. JK
Anyhoodles...... School is school and is still school and will still be it in a few minutes if you want to know.
UM......... I am trying to think.... that is very hard work........ but i am managing :)
I remember, yes I was going to ask you all if you went to the fair and what was your favorite thing to do there or that you did. Please comment and tell me. I am DYING to know. JK
Bye now back to the norm, and yes it is still school.
Oh really cool fact about spanish, YOU ONLY CAPITALIZE NAMES!!!! Yay I knew there was a country where i could survive with my english skills(or should i say lack thereof)
I am very happy about that... It made my day :)

Monday, September 7, 2009

School starts tomorrow...

Hey all,
School starts tomorrow :( so i won't be able to post that much......
Anyways comment or email me and keep in touch. I have never gone to an actual school so i am extremely nervous and very nervous and did I mention that I am nervous??? Oh and to celebrate labor day today, we all labored!!! wasn't that brilliant of my parents? hahaha anyways i have to get to bed early tonight. And i will post some funny stories about Kristina....
-- Yesterday Kristina got her head accidentally smashed in the door. After her tears had ceased she turned to the very repentent head smasher and said, "You just broke the seventh commandment when you smashed my head in the door." LOL she meant the verse about loveing your neighbor as yourself.......:)
A few nights ago at dinner we were discussing Obama's address to the school children of America and all the controversy around it. My little sister piped up and said I don't know why they would want to listen to him....That would be SOOOO boring, You would have to just sit there and listen to them say, The white house, Washington D.C. the white house Washington D.C.!!!!!! lol I thought that was really funny :)
During a conversation Kristina was trying to prove that she had cleaned John Elliot's room and said "Mom can protest that I cleaned it"... :)

Friday, September 4, 2009

Happy birthday Mommy!!

I love you sooo much and I would not be here if you were not. Thank you and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Hey Everyone!!!

School is almost here! I just finished watching evan almighty, the movie about a modern day Noah. It was pretty funny. Anyhoodles I have been bad about posting and i will do my best to make myself post. Everything is crazy around here. Really.
Well goodnight.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Speech Camp and Overnight at the Fryes!!!!!!

Hey all friends,
This will be just a quick blog post to catch u up with my life. Last monday we went to a speech camp. It was awesome. On the second to last day Sarah and I were invited to stay overnight at the Frye's. So we did. And that night at their church Lincoln Brewster was doing a concert, so we went with them. And at that concert was one of my other good friends, Katie West!!!! I was very excited, and had a blast. Hosanna and I raced through the big air filled bouncy things. I won both times!!! Hahahaha. Okay so there was a big parking lot where the concert was held. Then beyond the parking lot was this muddy ditch and then a hill. All during the concert these little kids kept falling into the ditch. It was so sad and so funny. One little girl fell in up to her neck. Luckly Rayni jumped in and saved her. The kids always came out screaming. Sorry about how random that was. Anyways back to the story, after the concert we went home and had Hosanna's cake and Icecream for dessert. BTW Hosanna is an awesome cook!!!! Rayni and Hosanna had so much fun that night. we stayed up late and scared each other. the gray lady!!!!
More later,
Oh and i got second in extemp at the tourny and third in apologetics~!!!!!

Thursday, August 13, 2009


Hey y'all whats up???
I am down in CA still!!!! This month has been awesomely crazy!!!!! I survived volleyball camp, had an awesome time with the Joe's and my future cousin in law and his brother, and am leaving in a few hours for my great aunts funeral. Let me go through each of these more in depth.....

Volley ball camp:
Well it all began Fri, 2 weeks ago. I left from my debate camp. BTW I loved debate camp and seeing everyone, it was weird because all the staff are my friends!!!!! Anyway I got home and had like 3 hours to pack and get ready for camp. I had been told by some guys at church(they just got back from basketball camp at the same location) that the temperature was around 114 degrees. This of course was just what I wanted to hear and DID NOT WORRY ME AT ALL. Okay fast forward this story is getting to boring... At church Pastor met all of us girls and we prayed before we headed out in the big church van at 10:30pm. DO NOT TRY TO PUT 9 girls in a van at that time and expect them to sleep! :) We did makeup ate and okay i will say it, we actually dozed of a couple of times but only for ten minutes or So the whole way down. BTW that last sentence was grammatically incorrect. Anyway we finally got there Sat. night at ten o'clock. They gave us nice dorms to sleep in. I shared a room with Breanna, Ashley, Ashley B, and Kirida. Our bathroom had two showers and two stalls and connected with Mrs. Holmes & Mrs. Koehlers room. Not that you needed to know all that. Camp started. It was super intense. Everyday we had these personal chalenges. One of them was to do as many pushups as you possibly could in five minutes. I only got to 90.
We had the most bestest food in the world. They fed us a TON. Yeah. No further comments.
We had three on three tournaments every day. We played three of those each day. We won 6 out of 9 of our games!!!!!
Our FBCA volleyball team won the camp tournament!!! we are the champions!!!! No I definitely do not have pride issues!;)
Magic Mountain was okay. Personally I do not like being in huge crowds with strange people. Especially with immodest immoral people. enough said. The rides were fun anyway.
Now we will go into depth about the time with the cousins..........

My aunt picked me up from camp at West Coast Baptist college. The boys were super quite unlike their usual selves. I got to see Elpida for the first time. She is the most adorable cute baby ever!!!!!!!!!!!!! And the awesomest thing of all besides being with my fun cousins was that Joanna's boyfriend and his bro were staying with them til Wednesday!! Yasha and Nick are so much fun. Yasha(Joanna's boyfriend) is so nice and very respectful and kind. They are a perfect match and have embraced the standards that their parents set up for their courtship!! Its nice to know that there are still hope for our generation.
Nick is pretty funny. He loves to play tennis and throw the boys in the pool.
Everyone here is getting so big. Katharine had her b-day yesterday and turned 23 ;)
We had an awesome time going on walks and swimming, going to church, hanging out at Peters house, having flat tires, eating delicious food( I wouldn't be surprised if i gained a pound :)), going to Barnes and Noble with the weird guy there, watching monk and cartoons, keeping the children in line and clothed. Sorry sort of an inside joke. I also got to make brownies which seem to disapear even faster here than at our house!!!!!
I love being here. Holding Elpida is just thrilling. She likes to make faces and copy you even though she is only 3-4 months. Jooey is still my little buddy. He always gives me hugs. Nectarios and Poniotis changed their minds and now want to be priests with small families, instead of monks. Teddy remains and is even a worse terror than ever. Such a strong will and so indepent for such a small boy. He also has a broblem with keeping his clothes on. I love that kid though.
Evanthia is doing great, she has a ton of friends and loves college. Fotini is doing well, school, reading and a special friend, takes up her time. Yianna is in love. What more can you say??? Only word describes this condition= Twiterpated!
Katherine is going through a tough time after a breakup with her boyfriend, her car being broken into twice and her laptop, ipod, etc stolen. She is still totally awesome and i got to have some pretty intense debates with her. She taught us this one game that is soo funny. So everybody writes down 6 nouns on little pieces of paper and puts them all in a bowl. I'll teach you all at home. This is what was said in a shakespearian accent about the word dog: A little animal that goes arf arf at opportune times. HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHA.
Uncle Joseph and Aunt Despina are doing well.

More about all of these happenings later...... Ta ta for now...... See you all soon..... Love, Heidi

Friday, July 31, 2009


Got back from Debate camp which was awesome and we had the coolest teachers, Tait Deems and Jachin Scott!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Leaving for volleyball camp in CA. 115 degrees where I am going. Hope I survive. Heidi

Friday, July 17, 2009

Friday, July 10, 2009


I purposefully spelled the headline on the last post wrong... =)


Hey All,
What is going on for you these days? Are you having a wonderful relaxing summer, or a crazy, busy, super fast one??? Mine is crazier than I ever wanted it to be. So much going on. I am hoping that I will still have time to fit in a couple VBS's. They are my absolute favorite thing to do in the summer. SO MUCH MORE FUN THAN ANY CAMP. Okay, okay that was totally personal opinion. Between camps, tennis lessons, volleyball, church, bus ministry, prayertime, relatives, remodeling, summer school, getting enrolled in FBCA, helping Trudy, etc... there really has not been much time left. I sometimes wonder if time is speeding up. At least it feels that way. Things that used to take so long are gone in what seems a second. Its probably just my imagination though. Anyway I added some things to the blog. The abortion counter is a reminder to all of us to stand up for those who have no voice. It really shocked me how many abortions are done a day. I had no idea.

Oh I do have to tell you something funny. Last Sunday when I was sitting by a couple of bus kids, they asked me how old I was. So I said that they should guess. The little boy in front of me said are you 100,00 years old??? That really cracked me up. Hahahahaha.
To all my faithful bloggies, have a great summer and tell me what to post because I have no idea.

Monday, July 6, 2009

The Father's Hand

While through this changing world below
I would not choose my path to go;
'Tis Father's hand that leadeth me,
Then O how safe His child must be.

Sometimes we walk in sunshine bright,
Sometimes in darkness of the night;
Sometimes the way I cannot see
But Father's hand still leadeth me.

Sometimes there seems no way to take,
But Father's hand a way doth make.
Sometimes I hear Him gently say,
"Come follow Me, this is the way."

Why should I mind the way I go?
His way is best for me, I know.
He is my strength, my truth, my way,
He is my comfort, rod, and stay.

So on we travel hand in hand,
Bound for the heavenly promised land
Always through all Eternity,
I will praise His name for leading me.
-Ida L. Cornett


My newest cousin when she was first born. She is now 1 1/2 months old....

Thought for the day!

Did you know that history really is His Story???


His name was Andreas...
He is five...
Praise the Lord, He let me lead Andreas to salvation...
Thank you Lord for saving this young boy...

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

101st Post!!!

My last post was the 100th post. Yay!!! I never thought that I would have that much to write about but so many things have happened. Mom, Sarah and JE got back on Saturday night and JE left at two am monday morning for Survival teenpact camp. I would have gone but it was too much for me to handle and I have things planned this week already. They had a great time at nationals. The sibs made lots of friends and enjoyed seeing old friends. Tennis is going great and surprisingly I am actually enjoying it. More later, Heidi
p.s. Sorry for the random post. =)

Monday, June 22, 2009

2nd thought for the day

God's love is forgiving. God's love is for giving.

Thought for the day

You can never let God down. After all you aren't holding God up, He holds you up.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

more pics

Me being a statue and trying not to laugh, I didn't succeed

Tina and Friends

Booey and Munchie

Most of the group

Mom and Mrs. Frye

Sarah, Lauren, and I
Tom, Jos, and Zeb

Zeb and Hoey
Dad and Mr. West having a good laugh

Mr. and Mrs. Mullins
Lauren and us girls playing statue

Epic Fail

We were driving to go camping when Sarah noticed that there was a hitchhiker. As you can tell from the short video clip he was standing by a sign that read "No hitchhikers beyond this point." Fail. Epic Fail.


This video is a little clip of munchie Frye(Aka malachi). He loved chocolate and almost every day would come up to me and say can I have some chocolate. He is 4 and wants to be five. Definitely one of my special little buddies!!!! =)

Monday, June 8, 2009


Massage time
Game time
Micah and Mrs. Campbell
A study in facial expressions
Peace, coffee and kransekake
Morgan trying to find the mafia
Mr. and Mrs. Mullins
Mr. and Mrs. Weller...
Mr. Campbell Warming up around the campfire
Daddy putting up the tents
The Fryes early in the morning eating breakfast
The boys
We had fun playin uno
Jos putting the pinatta up
Abe was always smiling and always ready for a game of tag. He would come up to me and say tage you are it. Then he would run and touch a tree or the picnic table and say, you can't get me, I'm on base. He was a very special kid.
Tina after loosing uno
Aaron playing the guitar for evening worship.
Crammed into the car, looking for oncoming cars so the extra people could "Duck in time"
Booey and Anica one of the twins
Can you believe that we crammed about 11 people into our 7 passenger van? It was a fun, very illegal ride back to camp!
A little more of the falls
A small part of the falls
A large log they were playing with
The hikers
Sarabeth and Aaron being funny=)
Samuel, Sarabeth's bro
Jos in front of our campground area....
The twins, can you tell them apart??? Anica and Aundra
Morgan, making a face at having his pic taken, though Sarah says thats his normal...
Hoey Frye (aka. Hosanna)
Rayni Frye
Roasting marshmellows for smores
Jedidiah by the fire...
Kezziah warming up by the fire...
Hey we just got back on Sunday. I missed bus ministry, but thats alright. Anyway here are the pics. Hope you enjoy it. We were at Rainbow falls state park. It was a beautiful location that was slightly cold but otherwise great. We had so much fun playing tons of ultimate frisbee, soccer, volleyball, rafting and much more...I will post more about it later(hopefully).