Thursday, September 24, 2009

Hey i am still in existence :)

Yeah did you forget that I blog on this blog?? Well don't worry, so did I. JK
Anyhoodles...... School is school and is still school and will still be it in a few minutes if you want to know.
UM......... I am trying to think.... that is very hard work........ but i am managing :)
I remember, yes I was going to ask you all if you went to the fair and what was your favorite thing to do there or that you did. Please comment and tell me. I am DYING to know. JK
Bye now back to the norm, and yes it is still school.
Oh really cool fact about spanish, YOU ONLY CAPITALIZE NAMES!!!! Yay I knew there was a country where i could survive with my english skills(or should i say lack thereof)
I am very happy about that... It made my day :)

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  1. Janet Gallagher9/30/09, 7:05 AM

    Well…(here I go, and don't say I didn't warn you)… My bro and I sang with our choir in the 4-H exhibit hall, then Mom and I went under the grandstands and bought scones while Paul searched for the sports card vendor, whose booth he was unable to find, and then we all wandered through the "Arts and Crafts in Action" area, and then we exited the fairgrounds through the Golden Gate, which was the same one that we had entered. And that was a run-on sentence discribing my activities at the 2009 fall fair!

    My, I do need to get a blog of my own, don't I? That way, I could stop bloging with coments on yours!

    About that interesting tidbit of language trivia... If they followed that grammatical rule, wouldn't they speak and write in Spanish?

    Another random note, when you typed JK, I thought that you meant JE :)

    Anyway, bye for now,

    Janet Gallagher (Psalm 13:6)