Thursday, April 30, 2009

medieval feast

My brothers Feast that was put on by his class went really well. We all dressed up in medieval clothes. It was quite interesting the food that they served. One of the dishes was tongue. I didn't get up enough courage to actually taste it. The class put on a sort play about St. George and the Dragon. John Elliot was St. George. They had two people joist, and a couple others pretend to have a battle using real swords. They had it all traditional food. So it was really fun. Bye for now, Heidi

Bucky and Otis

This is a little, short video of the above mentioned animals.


Pancakes for Breakfast

Today as an act of kindness, My brother made breakfast. He cooked pancakes and made syrup. They were DELICIOUS!! The one sad thing was the salt. Now any normal cook would have used salt that was in very small pieces. Unfortunately we don't have any normal cooks in our house. These pancakes had rock salt in them. Rock salt= HUGE PIECES OF SALT. Not that there is anything wrong with that. So we enjoyed the pancakes where every other bite had a bite of salt. Yup it was definitely a new experience. - Heidi

Monday, April 27, 2009

Birthday Season!!!

Well lately at our house there have been several birthdays. Sarah, Kristina, and John have all gotten or are getting older. John turns 14 on the 2nd of may. He is a wonderful brother, possibly because he's the only brother. Anyway thats all and that was a very short post wasn't it???

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Teen Pact at Christian Heritage!!!

All of us good little teenpacters manning the booth!!!
From left to right:
(1st Row: Hannah, Anna, Gabe, Me, Karissa; 2nd Row: Sis Sarah, Ben, Betsy, Molly, JE,
Very back: Jon Roth)

Some of my awesome friends, and if you can't tell, Molly and Betsy are twins... =)

The twins and Karissa... Boy we had fun together. She kept me laughing. We attended the Chorale at Christian Heritage for one session. We were in the back row of the soprano section. And since more people kept trickling in, we had to stand up and sit down quite a bit. Then because we had come in after the Chorale started, we didn't have a chance to warm up. So when the high notes came around, We were kind of squeaky. That was bad enough, but then Jon Roth came in. He heard us squeeking and made a couple funny faces at us. Okay.. We tried not to laugh, it was so bad... We were litterally dying of laughter but we couldn't all. Yes. That was really funny. Really.
Christian Heritage was a blast. You really should have gone.=) Voddie Bauchaum gave some wonderful speeches on very key topics. It was a blessing to see so many other Christian Home Educators coming together to encourage one another and learn more about Christ. And we were all very sad to leave. Very Sad.
Anyway, My brother's ancient history class at coop is putting on a huge medieval fiest. There are even supposed to be trebuchets there!!!! How cool. Bye for now.... I will post more latere...

Regionals.... and a few pics...

First of all, here is the room we stayed in. Not that you really needed to know that.
And our hotel! There were so many other friends all at this hotel; the Clarks, Danielsons, Beasleys, Rathbuns, Ptaks, Carters, Fryes, Kostovs, Butlers, and us and the Trawcynzinskis.

Us with Denise, or Nicee, and her boy friend and the two kids who were staying with us, Matt and Sarah.
Eating cheese cake....YUM
Sarah's papers saying that she qualifyed to Nationals!
Denise and Sarah... and Patrick Butler in the background.
A sideways picture of us drinking our soda that we just bought at Acacia park. Notice that they are trying to be cool.
The park which we think was named after our good friend Acacia.
Another park photo...
Abigail Dejarnnette... one of our good friends
Matt and JE.... good friends...
Sarah early in the morning....Sarabeth Mullins another good friend...
JE playing Nintendo DS. If you aren't laughing you should be. =)
Lets just say that the running joke at the tourny was that JE loved the DS that he stayed up all night playing it and when he didn't win a game he would go crazy and go to Mathew for counseling. Also each night he would hold it and say "Smooth and Sleek, I know I shouldn't but yet I will." Yup we teased him. BTW none of the above should be held against him as it is only a joke...

Wow! One big blast of competition, friends, late nights, headaches, and toooooo many stairs!!! It actually was a great experience, and I made so many more friends.
Also I have now become almost as good as Creighton Deems at slap. That is an accomplishment!!! Yup the simple pleasures in life.
While we were in Colorado, we saw some of our relatives. Davin and Denise (my twin cousins), and their boyfriend and girlfriend. Our family got to spend some time with Uncle Frank and Aunt Sally, and Aunt Sandy before she headed back to China. They are wonderful people. Aunt Sally is recovering from a major stroke that she had. Uncle Frank took the opportunity to show us some object lessons about relying on Christ. He had about 16 nails all balanced on one nail. How? Christ.
Denise went to a late dinner birthday party with us for my little sis Kristina. She turned 12 on the 18. Isn't that just a little scary???? So now Sarah is 17, I am 15, JE is almost 14 and Tina is 12!!!! AHHHHHH we're getting old!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Teen Pact!!!

You must must must must go to Teen Pact. It was the most wonderful experience with the most awesome people and we actually learned something!!!! We had the opportunity to hear from Justice Sanders, Representatives, Lobyists, Senators, and many more people. I grew spiritually, mentally, and made soooo many friends. I was in the HEWD comittee. We got to do mock legislature. JE and Sarah both ran for Senator but unfortunately didn't get elected. JE also sang opera. You should ask him about it. HILARIOUS. I was kindof shocked. One of the highlights was praying at different places around the capitol. We had random people come up and ask us, who are you, you are so different, so well behaved! It was neat to be able to represent Christ, through our actions and speech. After all everywhere we go we send out a message. Who's message are you sending out? Actually we are going to Survival!! ;) I hope I will survive. More later on Teenpact. Like pranks that were played, games, skits and much much more. Stay tuned for my next post. Heidi


My cousin Evangeline came up to our house for a week. We had a blast!!! She helped our family pass out 150 Bibles. IT WAS SO MUCH FUN!! She learned how to milk. She and Daddy had Chilly Eating competitions. Man can she eat hot chillys. I can't do that. I run around screaming when I get one that is hot. Yup. It must be the Norwegian in me. Too bad. Babe went home today. Oh and Babe is her nickname. She's had it since she was well just a wee babe. Bye, Heidi


Hey Y'all,

Wow it has been Forever since I last blogged. So much has happened. I think that first I will address the title of this post. My cow Apple had a baby. It was a boy calf. What else would it be? Ha Ha. We named him bucky. But since that name was too nice we changed his name to Buckminster. He is also known as Burger King. That name does imply his future, doesn't it? He has buck teeth and is extremely fiesty. Very strong willed like his mother and owner. Just Kidding!!! -Heidi