Saturday, April 25, 2009

Teen Pact at Christian Heritage!!!

All of us good little teenpacters manning the booth!!!
From left to right:
(1st Row: Hannah, Anna, Gabe, Me, Karissa; 2nd Row: Sis Sarah, Ben, Betsy, Molly, JE,
Very back: Jon Roth)

Some of my awesome friends, and if you can't tell, Molly and Betsy are twins... =)

The twins and Karissa... Boy we had fun together. She kept me laughing. We attended the Chorale at Christian Heritage for one session. We were in the back row of the soprano section. And since more people kept trickling in, we had to stand up and sit down quite a bit. Then because we had come in after the Chorale started, we didn't have a chance to warm up. So when the high notes came around, We were kind of squeaky. That was bad enough, but then Jon Roth came in. He heard us squeeking and made a couple funny faces at us. Okay.. We tried not to laugh, it was so bad... We were litterally dying of laughter but we couldn't all. Yes. That was really funny. Really.
Christian Heritage was a blast. You really should have gone.=) Voddie Bauchaum gave some wonderful speeches on very key topics. It was a blessing to see so many other Christian Home Educators coming together to encourage one another and learn more about Christ. And we were all very sad to leave. Very Sad.
Anyway, My brother's ancient history class at coop is putting on a huge medieval fiest. There are even supposed to be trebuchets there!!!! How cool. Bye for now.... I will post more latere...

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