Monday, August 24, 2009

Speech Camp and Overnight at the Fryes!!!!!!

Hey all friends,
This will be just a quick blog post to catch u up with my life. Last monday we went to a speech camp. It was awesome. On the second to last day Sarah and I were invited to stay overnight at the Frye's. So we did. And that night at their church Lincoln Brewster was doing a concert, so we went with them. And at that concert was one of my other good friends, Katie West!!!! I was very excited, and had a blast. Hosanna and I raced through the big air filled bouncy things. I won both times!!! Hahahaha. Okay so there was a big parking lot where the concert was held. Then beyond the parking lot was this muddy ditch and then a hill. All during the concert these little kids kept falling into the ditch. It was so sad and so funny. One little girl fell in up to her neck. Luckly Rayni jumped in and saved her. The kids always came out screaming. Sorry about how random that was. Anyways back to the story, after the concert we went home and had Hosanna's cake and Icecream for dessert. BTW Hosanna is an awesome cook!!!! Rayni and Hosanna had so much fun that night. we stayed up late and scared each other. the gray lady!!!!
More later,
Oh and i got second in extemp at the tourny and third in apologetics~!!!!!

Thursday, August 13, 2009


Hey y'all whats up???
I am down in CA still!!!! This month has been awesomely crazy!!!!! I survived volleyball camp, had an awesome time with the Joe's and my future cousin in law and his brother, and am leaving in a few hours for my great aunts funeral. Let me go through each of these more in depth.....

Volley ball camp:
Well it all began Fri, 2 weeks ago. I left from my debate camp. BTW I loved debate camp and seeing everyone, it was weird because all the staff are my friends!!!!! Anyway I got home and had like 3 hours to pack and get ready for camp. I had been told by some guys at church(they just got back from basketball camp at the same location) that the temperature was around 114 degrees. This of course was just what I wanted to hear and DID NOT WORRY ME AT ALL. Okay fast forward this story is getting to boring... At church Pastor met all of us girls and we prayed before we headed out in the big church van at 10:30pm. DO NOT TRY TO PUT 9 girls in a van at that time and expect them to sleep! :) We did makeup ate and okay i will say it, we actually dozed of a couple of times but only for ten minutes or So the whole way down. BTW that last sentence was grammatically incorrect. Anyway we finally got there Sat. night at ten o'clock. They gave us nice dorms to sleep in. I shared a room with Breanna, Ashley, Ashley B, and Kirida. Our bathroom had two showers and two stalls and connected with Mrs. Holmes & Mrs. Koehlers room. Not that you needed to know all that. Camp started. It was super intense. Everyday we had these personal chalenges. One of them was to do as many pushups as you possibly could in five minutes. I only got to 90.
We had the most bestest food in the world. They fed us a TON. Yeah. No further comments.
We had three on three tournaments every day. We played three of those each day. We won 6 out of 9 of our games!!!!!
Our FBCA volleyball team won the camp tournament!!! we are the champions!!!! No I definitely do not have pride issues!;)
Magic Mountain was okay. Personally I do not like being in huge crowds with strange people. Especially with immodest immoral people. enough said. The rides were fun anyway.
Now we will go into depth about the time with the cousins..........

My aunt picked me up from camp at West Coast Baptist college. The boys were super quite unlike their usual selves. I got to see Elpida for the first time. She is the most adorable cute baby ever!!!!!!!!!!!!! And the awesomest thing of all besides being with my fun cousins was that Joanna's boyfriend and his bro were staying with them til Wednesday!! Yasha and Nick are so much fun. Yasha(Joanna's boyfriend) is so nice and very respectful and kind. They are a perfect match and have embraced the standards that their parents set up for their courtship!! Its nice to know that there are still hope for our generation.
Nick is pretty funny. He loves to play tennis and throw the boys in the pool.
Everyone here is getting so big. Katharine had her b-day yesterday and turned 23 ;)
We had an awesome time going on walks and swimming, going to church, hanging out at Peters house, having flat tires, eating delicious food( I wouldn't be surprised if i gained a pound :)), going to Barnes and Noble with the weird guy there, watching monk and cartoons, keeping the children in line and clothed. Sorry sort of an inside joke. I also got to make brownies which seem to disapear even faster here than at our house!!!!!
I love being here. Holding Elpida is just thrilling. She likes to make faces and copy you even though she is only 3-4 months. Jooey is still my little buddy. He always gives me hugs. Nectarios and Poniotis changed their minds and now want to be priests with small families, instead of monks. Teddy remains and is even a worse terror than ever. Such a strong will and so indepent for such a small boy. He also has a broblem with keeping his clothes on. I love that kid though.
Evanthia is doing great, she has a ton of friends and loves college. Fotini is doing well, school, reading and a special friend, takes up her time. Yianna is in love. What more can you say??? Only word describes this condition= Twiterpated!
Katherine is going through a tough time after a breakup with her boyfriend, her car being broken into twice and her laptop, ipod, etc stolen. She is still totally awesome and i got to have some pretty intense debates with her. She taught us this one game that is soo funny. So everybody writes down 6 nouns on little pieces of paper and puts them all in a bowl. I'll teach you all at home. This is what was said in a shakespearian accent about the word dog: A little animal that goes arf arf at opportune times. HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHA.
Uncle Joseph and Aunt Despina are doing well.

More about all of these happenings later...... Ta ta for now...... See you all soon..... Love, Heidi