Monday, August 24, 2009

Speech Camp and Overnight at the Fryes!!!!!!

Hey all friends,
This will be just a quick blog post to catch u up with my life. Last monday we went to a speech camp. It was awesome. On the second to last day Sarah and I were invited to stay overnight at the Frye's. So we did. And that night at their church Lincoln Brewster was doing a concert, so we went with them. And at that concert was one of my other good friends, Katie West!!!! I was very excited, and had a blast. Hosanna and I raced through the big air filled bouncy things. I won both times!!! Hahahaha. Okay so there was a big parking lot where the concert was held. Then beyond the parking lot was this muddy ditch and then a hill. All during the concert these little kids kept falling into the ditch. It was so sad and so funny. One little girl fell in up to her neck. Luckly Rayni jumped in and saved her. The kids always came out screaming. Sorry about how random that was. Anyways back to the story, after the concert we went home and had Hosanna's cake and Icecream for dessert. BTW Hosanna is an awesome cook!!!! Rayni and Hosanna had so much fun that night. we stayed up late and scared each other. the gray lady!!!!
More later,
Oh and i got second in extemp at the tourny and third in apologetics~!!!!!

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