Sunday, March 29, 2009

More Idaho Pics

Garrett Tracht and Max Nelsen.
(Thank you for correcting me anonymous, I posted this quite late and was too tired to notice my mistake)
LD Debate awards....
Josiah Bryant, John Chaffee, Jason Kosloski, Sarah Chaffee, Katharine Knight, Max Nelsen, Kira Clark, Kelsea Mort
Pesuasive Awards...
Ruth Ptak, Max Nelsen, Sam Paul, Sarah Chaffee, Kelsea Mort, Catharine Jones, Lauren Reavely
Dramatic Interpretation... These ladies are extremely skilled at making people cry, and they delight in doing it!!!

(Grace Debuschere, Acacia Danielson, Amy Anstett, Kira Clark, Catharine Jones)

Apologetics Semi-finalists....

(Evan Bell, Creighton Deems, Grace Debuschere, Daniel Beasley, George Nye, Tait Deems)

Sorry about the how blurry this pic is. But I like it because it is of three people who are world changers.....

Three LDers..... Kristin I put this on just for you =)
My bro, Jason Kosloski, and my sis
Katie Pitchford and Max Nelsen..... BTW Katie took second in LD at Rocky Mountain Classic
Harrison Scott (aka. Harry) and my bro
I like this picture!!! Don't you?

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Idaho Tourny pics

Drew Deems...........The best timer ever!!!!!!!!!
Blaire Bayliss and Mrs. Bayliss
Lauren Reavely (watch out, she is one GREAT apologist) myself, and Kristen Tracht
(Kristen is my duo partner)
The lovely Tessa Deems, myself and the lovely Mrs. Deems
A few moms and judge cordinators and judges catching a quick lunch between rounds
(My mom, Mrs. Deems, Teran Clark, Mrs. Clark, Mrs. Danielson)
Marissa Olsen and Jordan Brawner..... Don't they look like they are selling that drink?
Kristopher Clark (aka detective Kris) selling me chips.... He does his ten minute expos in four minutes and a five minute impromptu in 9 minutes. WOW!!!!!
Aaron Paul (you have to meet this person, definitely one of a kind) + my little bro
Duo partners
My friend Creighton..... I caught him when he wasn't ready for a photo. =)
Max Nelsen..... If only he knew how feared he really was!
Awwwww.......... Siblings
A few friends having a name mixup lunch... Tessa Deems, Acacia Danielson, Me, Rebekah Ptak
The RUBICS cube of brain torture..... Only one person in this world (that I know of) can solve these, without looking at them, in a matter of seconds... and that is Dylan Deems

Rebekah Ptak taking pleasure in freaking my out!

Verve Tourny Pics

The famous John Kostov and Daniel Beasley performing their duo.
Chris Riegg and Sam Wolkenhaur (aka. Wolky) cross-exing
Sarah preping for apologetics
Mr. and Mrs. Beasley being recognized as this is their last year being NCFCA parents
George Nye and My brother..... LD final round (FYI George won)
Hanging out after the round......
Roy's humorous.....
Tait Deems and my bro......

Monday, March 16, 2009

Verve Tournament

Yes this tournament was even better than the last one. I was so glad to see many of my friends. Quite a few of the Clarion Club folks came. They are so much fun to be with and huge encouragements. I took sixth place in my Original Oratory Speech. Also Kristen and my duo took fifth place! This was her very first tournament!!!! My little bro JE took 2nd in Lincoln douglas debate. He amazed us all by beating our good friend Tait Deems twice. Tait recently took third in the nation!! You can just imagine our shock! Sarah took 2nd in apologetics, and third in impromptu and second in expository. I can't remember what place she was in persuasive, but she was in the top 5. Idaho, here we come!!!! I hope to see you all there. It will be a great time as it is the last qualifying tournament I will be attending before regionals. God has blessed me with a great season and I look forward to next year and debate! Patrick Butler, Arlen Olsen and many others won't let me off the hook. New chalenges. Its going to be scary, but it will be a blast as well. I will try and post pics if I have the chance. Sorry, but with four speech events I had to let mom take the pics for me. So not very many were taken. I am very tired. Signing off, Heidi

Monday, March 9, 2009

Back in Business!!

My Partner Kristen and I are back on for the duo. YEAH!!!!!!!! It is going awesome and I have it memorized and we are doing it at verve and at idaho. awesome. So thats all. I am going to hit the hay now. Its been a long day. We have about four inches of snow. more later. Heidi