Sunday, March 29, 2009

More Idaho Pics

Garrett Tracht and Max Nelsen.
(Thank you for correcting me anonymous, I posted this quite late and was too tired to notice my mistake)
LD Debate awards....
Josiah Bryant, John Chaffee, Jason Kosloski, Sarah Chaffee, Katharine Knight, Max Nelsen, Kira Clark, Kelsea Mort
Pesuasive Awards...
Ruth Ptak, Max Nelsen, Sam Paul, Sarah Chaffee, Kelsea Mort, Catharine Jones, Lauren Reavely
Dramatic Interpretation... These ladies are extremely skilled at making people cry, and they delight in doing it!!!

(Grace Debuschere, Acacia Danielson, Amy Anstett, Kira Clark, Catharine Jones)

Apologetics Semi-finalists....

(Evan Bell, Creighton Deems, Grace Debuschere, Daniel Beasley, George Nye, Tait Deems)

Sorry about the how blurry this pic is. But I like it because it is of three people who are world changers.....

Three LDers..... Kristin I put this on just for you =)
My bro, Jason Kosloski, and my sis
Katie Pitchford and Max Nelsen..... BTW Katie took second in LD at Rocky Mountain Classic
Harrison Scott (aka. Harry) and my bro
I like this picture!!! Don't you?

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  1. the person in the first picture is max nelson, not george nye