Thursday, December 25, 2008

Bus Dinner at church!!!

The bus dinner at church is this Sunday!!! Please pray for all the kids we are bringing in and for their parents who are coming as well. This is such a neat opportunity. Also pray for the bus and meal staff and for Mrs. Tilton who serves 250 meals in 20 min. She is amazing!!!! Well got to go, Heidi
P.S. How was everyones Christmas? I hope it was a wonderful celebration of Christ.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry Christmas!!!

This is a blog post about cookies, friends, and presents.
I decided so. Yes, here is the scoop about sunday. At about three oclock the Tiltons, Trachts, Carters, Nathan Gall, Nitschys, Jonie, and a few others gathered at the big hill for a wonderful time of sledding, snowboarding. I didn't try the snowboard as it looked too dangerous. One person almost went off the 15+ foot drop off. Yup you know you should have been there. Well have a super great christmas!!!!! Just soo you know, this post contained nothing about cookies, but the next one will. Love, Heidi

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Extreme Snow, Power outages, Violent winds!!!!!!!!

Hey folks,
I decided that I should let you know. We might have a week long power outage.AAAAAHHHHHH. Plus there is supposed to be about 12 inches of snow. Besides having 90 mph winds, Yes that was 90, it is going to be very cold and we may not make it to church. BOOO HOOO. But all hope is not gone, we have sleds!!!!!! Yup I love sledding. Today Sarah and JE went to the reindeer romp debate. I think that they had a good time. A lot of the people couldn't make it. But anyway, during that time Garrett, Travis and Jacob Tracht came over and Tina and I sledded with them. Then we came inside to warm up, have hot chocolate and pizza and chocolate banana bread. That does sound like a weird combination doesn't it? It was good. We had an interesting day. From a gallon of milk getting dropped on the floor, to somebody getting the wind knocked out of them, to makeing a sledding train and crashing every time, IT WAS A TOTALLY AWESOME DAY!!!!!! Bye for now, Heidi

P.S. Next post I will tell you all about the terrific sleepover and the survival of the fittest banana!! It was a blast!!!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Survival of the fitest banana!!!!

It all began the day I was tragically removed from my home. It was a sad day. All the other bananas stayed behind. Again I say, it was a sad day. These huge giants shipped me in a crate to a grocery store. It was far far away. Then I was put on display and lots of people looked at me and decided that I was too bruised for them. Come on bananas, they got me bruised with the rough crate ride. But I was still in good enough shape to survive. Then a dude with a dr. coat on came and bought me. I still had enough banana pride to maintain my composure. I was left in the back of a cold car in a bag with other species of fruit. It was wierd. Those guys looked pretty deformed. I mean, imagine being completely round!!!! Soo I just hung out for a while til it got pretty cold. I bagan to wonder if I had been completely forgotten. Then they came. I don't know their names because they were laughing too hard. Saying something about ice and sledding and slipping and snow. It didn't register that I was about to be sqaushed onto one of their laps and forced to fly down the hill on a sled. Needless to say, I was not very thrilled about that. But try as I might there was no hope for escape at that time. Okay so where was I? ........... Oh yes, I was just starting to fly down the hill. When I looked behind me I saw my friends had been able to eject themselves off the sled and were trying to hide. It looked like a good idea. It wasn't. Now I was bruised even more. Oh well. They still picked me up and plopped me back on the sled. The other food was trying to plan their next escape. That one didn't work either. They were all picked up so we decided to bide our time. By now we were being pulled into a yard. More of them came out and started transporting us inside. The warmth and delicious smells wafted to me. I wondered if that was what I was going to be very sadly made into. It wasn't. I was instead left on the counter for a few days before being mashed up and made into a delicious loaf of banana chocolate bar. But I was still the fittest banana. Thus my survival will go down in the accounts of the heroes of banana history. I entrust all you children to remember it and pass it on to your banana kidsa and they should pass it on to their kids. -Uncle Bob the best banana

This is the account of our sledding adventure. I thought you might want to hear the bananas perspective on it as I found it quite interesting. Toodles, Heidi

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A gift freely given.......JESUS!! Good Quotes and Acrostics!!

Every day is a gift. That is why it is called the present.

This is a good quote that reminds me to be thankful for all I have. Here are a few of my favorite accrostics and quotes.







"The only things we can keep are the things that we freely give to God. What we try to keep for ourselves is just what we are sure to loose." - C.S. Lewis

"Stay in the Word and stay out of the world."

"Start right for a good finish."

"Everybody is somebody to God."

"Jesus is the reason for the season."

"The tongue weighs little, but few can hold it."

"Where you come from is not important, where you are going is what counts."

"We are not to judge the world; it has already been judged. We are here to love the world because Jesus loved and loves the world.

Do any of you have good favorite quotes? I would love to read them. Please comment them to me. Have a great day.
Just think about it, Christmas is in 8 days!!!! It really crept up on me this year. We are starting our Christmas baking already and our house is being filled with delicious smells. Til next time.
God bless,

Monday, December 15, 2008

Off to the YMCA

Hey bloggies,
Aren't you glad to be able to listen to christmas music and people won't think you are crazy? I love singing all the christmas hymns. They are so beautiful and remind me of the greatest gift ever given. JESUS.
Well my mom and sibs are rushing me out the door. We are all trying to work out more. The holiday season does have a way of giving me a few pounds. Not good. Til next time, Heidi

Upon Baptism, Membership and all things snowy!!!!!!

Yes, The news is out. We have officially become members at one of the most outreaching, loving churches I have ever been in. Yesterday all four of us kids were baptised. I had infant baptism, but had never had believers baptism. I was saved when I was three and have been a christian for 12 years. Wow that seems like a long time.
Visit: to see all the ministries.
I will be working on bus B. I love the kids, crew and everything about it. One of my little friends on the bus is not saved. Please pray for her.
I hope to join the choir soon and work in the nursery, Shepherds ministry, and collate more bibles.

Okay enough of the serious stuff. Did y'all get snow? First it rained and then it snowed and all the streets were covered in ice. Driving conditions back in our hilly neighborhood were not good. So us crazy people wanted to get to church so bad to be baptised that we hiked out to meet the Trachts at the Gallaghers. We were sliding on ice the whole time. It was pretty funny. Then we all went to the nursing home. Mr. Tracht gave a great sermon and we sang some songs. Kristin, Rebekah and Garrett were all supposed to sing solo verses of Angels from the realms of glory. But Kristin didn't want to sing alone so she made me sing with her. So we squeaked our way through the song. You see I have been suffering from allergies lately and Kristin had just gotten over a cold so we both were not at our best. Yup. Thats the plain truth. On to church and baptism, becoming members and trying to stay warm pretty much wraps up the whole day. So there you have it. YEAH!!!! Signing off, Heidi