Saturday, December 20, 2008

Extreme Snow, Power outages, Violent winds!!!!!!!!

Hey folks,
I decided that I should let you know. We might have a week long power outage.AAAAAHHHHHH. Plus there is supposed to be about 12 inches of snow. Besides having 90 mph winds, Yes that was 90, it is going to be very cold and we may not make it to church. BOOO HOOO. But all hope is not gone, we have sleds!!!!!! Yup I love sledding. Today Sarah and JE went to the reindeer romp debate. I think that they had a good time. A lot of the people couldn't make it. But anyway, during that time Garrett, Travis and Jacob Tracht came over and Tina and I sledded with them. Then we came inside to warm up, have hot chocolate and pizza and chocolate banana bread. That does sound like a weird combination doesn't it? It was good. We had an interesting day. From a gallon of milk getting dropped on the floor, to somebody getting the wind knocked out of them, to makeing a sledding train and crashing every time, IT WAS A TOTALLY AWESOME DAY!!!!!! Bye for now, Heidi

P.S. Next post I will tell you all about the terrific sleepover and the survival of the fittest banana!! It was a blast!!!

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