Thursday, December 18, 2008

Survival of the fitest banana!!!!

It all began the day I was tragically removed from my home. It was a sad day. All the other bananas stayed behind. Again I say, it was a sad day. These huge giants shipped me in a crate to a grocery store. It was far far away. Then I was put on display and lots of people looked at me and decided that I was too bruised for them. Come on bananas, they got me bruised with the rough crate ride. But I was still in good enough shape to survive. Then a dude with a dr. coat on came and bought me. I still had enough banana pride to maintain my composure. I was left in the back of a cold car in a bag with other species of fruit. It was wierd. Those guys looked pretty deformed. I mean, imagine being completely round!!!! Soo I just hung out for a while til it got pretty cold. I bagan to wonder if I had been completely forgotten. Then they came. I don't know their names because they were laughing too hard. Saying something about ice and sledding and slipping and snow. It didn't register that I was about to be sqaushed onto one of their laps and forced to fly down the hill on a sled. Needless to say, I was not very thrilled about that. But try as I might there was no hope for escape at that time. Okay so where was I? ........... Oh yes, I was just starting to fly down the hill. When I looked behind me I saw my friends had been able to eject themselves off the sled and were trying to hide. It looked like a good idea. It wasn't. Now I was bruised even more. Oh well. They still picked me up and plopped me back on the sled. The other food was trying to plan their next escape. That one didn't work either. They were all picked up so we decided to bide our time. By now we were being pulled into a yard. More of them came out and started transporting us inside. The warmth and delicious smells wafted to me. I wondered if that was what I was going to be very sadly made into. It wasn't. I was instead left on the counter for a few days before being mashed up and made into a delicious loaf of banana chocolate bar. But I was still the fittest banana. Thus my survival will go down in the accounts of the heroes of banana history. I entrust all you children to remember it and pass it on to your banana kidsa and they should pass it on to their kids. -Uncle Bob the best banana

This is the account of our sledding adventure. I thought you might want to hear the bananas perspective on it as I found it quite interesting. Toodles, Heidi

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