Monday, December 15, 2008

Upon Baptism, Membership and all things snowy!!!!!!

Yes, The news is out. We have officially become members at one of the most outreaching, loving churches I have ever been in. Yesterday all four of us kids were baptised. I had infant baptism, but had never had believers baptism. I was saved when I was three and have been a christian for 12 years. Wow that seems like a long time.
Visit: to see all the ministries.
I will be working on bus B. I love the kids, crew and everything about it. One of my little friends on the bus is not saved. Please pray for her.
I hope to join the choir soon and work in the nursery, Shepherds ministry, and collate more bibles.

Okay enough of the serious stuff. Did y'all get snow? First it rained and then it snowed and all the streets were covered in ice. Driving conditions back in our hilly neighborhood were not good. So us crazy people wanted to get to church so bad to be baptised that we hiked out to meet the Trachts at the Gallaghers. We were sliding on ice the whole time. It was pretty funny. Then we all went to the nursing home. Mr. Tracht gave a great sermon and we sang some songs. Kristin, Rebekah and Garrett were all supposed to sing solo verses of Angels from the realms of glory. But Kristin didn't want to sing alone so she made me sing with her. So we squeaked our way through the song. You see I have been suffering from allergies lately and Kristin had just gotten over a cold so we both were not at our best. Yup. Thats the plain truth. On to church and baptism, becoming members and trying to stay warm pretty much wraps up the whole day. So there you have it. YEAH!!!! Signing off, Heidi



  1. Hey, Heidi! It's been a while since I commented on your blog! I suppose that I will see you later today, (12/16/08) but perhaps you should clarify who the Gallaghers are? Then, again, perhaps it would be better to maintain my anonymity.

    We had a similar situation on Sunday. Not the baptism part, the strugling-to-get-to-church-on-account-of-the-snow part! (That's a lot of hyphens!) Well, we got there safely. Anyhow, I've got to go now. See you later!

  2. Thanks Janet. I will try to keep that in mind. I hope that we can get to church this sunday, but weather can be pretty hard to predict.=) -Heidi