Thursday, December 25, 2008

Bus Dinner at church!!!

The bus dinner at church is this Sunday!!! Please pray for all the kids we are bringing in and for their parents who are coming as well. This is such a neat opportunity. Also pray for the bus and meal staff and for Mrs. Tilton who serves 250 meals in 20 min. She is amazing!!!! Well got to go, Heidi
P.S. How was everyones Christmas? I hope it was a wonderful celebration of Christ.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry Christmas!!!

This is a blog post about cookies, friends, and presents.
I decided so. Yes, here is the scoop about sunday. At about three oclock the Tiltons, Trachts, Carters, Nathan Gall, Nitschys, Jonie, and a few others gathered at the big hill for a wonderful time of sledding, snowboarding. I didn't try the snowboard as it looked too dangerous. One person almost went off the 15+ foot drop off. Yup you know you should have been there. Well have a super great christmas!!!!! Just soo you know, this post contained nothing about cookies, but the next one will. Love, Heidi

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Extreme Snow, Power outages, Violent winds!!!!!!!!

Hey folks,
I decided that I should let you know. We might have a week long power outage.AAAAAHHHHHH. Plus there is supposed to be about 12 inches of snow. Besides having 90 mph winds, Yes that was 90, it is going to be very cold and we may not make it to church. BOOO HOOO. But all hope is not gone, we have sleds!!!!!! Yup I love sledding. Today Sarah and JE went to the reindeer romp debate. I think that they had a good time. A lot of the people couldn't make it. But anyway, during that time Garrett, Travis and Jacob Tracht came over and Tina and I sledded with them. Then we came inside to warm up, have hot chocolate and pizza and chocolate banana bread. That does sound like a weird combination doesn't it? It was good. We had an interesting day. From a gallon of milk getting dropped on the floor, to somebody getting the wind knocked out of them, to makeing a sledding train and crashing every time, IT WAS A TOTALLY AWESOME DAY!!!!!! Bye for now, Heidi

P.S. Next post I will tell you all about the terrific sleepover and the survival of the fittest banana!! It was a blast!!!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Survival of the fitest banana!!!!

It all began the day I was tragically removed from my home. It was a sad day. All the other bananas stayed behind. Again I say, it was a sad day. These huge giants shipped me in a crate to a grocery store. It was far far away. Then I was put on display and lots of people looked at me and decided that I was too bruised for them. Come on bananas, they got me bruised with the rough crate ride. But I was still in good enough shape to survive. Then a dude with a dr. coat on came and bought me. I still had enough banana pride to maintain my composure. I was left in the back of a cold car in a bag with other species of fruit. It was wierd. Those guys looked pretty deformed. I mean, imagine being completely round!!!! Soo I just hung out for a while til it got pretty cold. I bagan to wonder if I had been completely forgotten. Then they came. I don't know their names because they were laughing too hard. Saying something about ice and sledding and slipping and snow. It didn't register that I was about to be sqaushed onto one of their laps and forced to fly down the hill on a sled. Needless to say, I was not very thrilled about that. But try as I might there was no hope for escape at that time. Okay so where was I? ........... Oh yes, I was just starting to fly down the hill. When I looked behind me I saw my friends had been able to eject themselves off the sled and were trying to hide. It looked like a good idea. It wasn't. Now I was bruised even more. Oh well. They still picked me up and plopped me back on the sled. The other food was trying to plan their next escape. That one didn't work either. They were all picked up so we decided to bide our time. By now we were being pulled into a yard. More of them came out and started transporting us inside. The warmth and delicious smells wafted to me. I wondered if that was what I was going to be very sadly made into. It wasn't. I was instead left on the counter for a few days before being mashed up and made into a delicious loaf of banana chocolate bar. But I was still the fittest banana. Thus my survival will go down in the accounts of the heroes of banana history. I entrust all you children to remember it and pass it on to your banana kidsa and they should pass it on to their kids. -Uncle Bob the best banana

This is the account of our sledding adventure. I thought you might want to hear the bananas perspective on it as I found it quite interesting. Toodles, Heidi

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A gift freely given.......JESUS!! Good Quotes and Acrostics!!

Every day is a gift. That is why it is called the present.

This is a good quote that reminds me to be thankful for all I have. Here are a few of my favorite accrostics and quotes.







"The only things we can keep are the things that we freely give to God. What we try to keep for ourselves is just what we are sure to loose." - C.S. Lewis

"Stay in the Word and stay out of the world."

"Start right for a good finish."

"Everybody is somebody to God."

"Jesus is the reason for the season."

"The tongue weighs little, but few can hold it."

"Where you come from is not important, where you are going is what counts."

"We are not to judge the world; it has already been judged. We are here to love the world because Jesus loved and loves the world.

Do any of you have good favorite quotes? I would love to read them. Please comment them to me. Have a great day.
Just think about it, Christmas is in 8 days!!!! It really crept up on me this year. We are starting our Christmas baking already and our house is being filled with delicious smells. Til next time.
God bless,

Monday, December 15, 2008

Off to the YMCA

Hey bloggies,
Aren't you glad to be able to listen to christmas music and people won't think you are crazy? I love singing all the christmas hymns. They are so beautiful and remind me of the greatest gift ever given. JESUS.
Well my mom and sibs are rushing me out the door. We are all trying to work out more. The holiday season does have a way of giving me a few pounds. Not good. Til next time, Heidi

Upon Baptism, Membership and all things snowy!!!!!!

Yes, The news is out. We have officially become members at one of the most outreaching, loving churches I have ever been in. Yesterday all four of us kids were baptised. I had infant baptism, but had never had believers baptism. I was saved when I was three and have been a christian for 12 years. Wow that seems like a long time.
Visit: to see all the ministries.
I will be working on bus B. I love the kids, crew and everything about it. One of my little friends on the bus is not saved. Please pray for her.
I hope to join the choir soon and work in the nursery, Shepherds ministry, and collate more bibles.

Okay enough of the serious stuff. Did y'all get snow? First it rained and then it snowed and all the streets were covered in ice. Driving conditions back in our hilly neighborhood were not good. So us crazy people wanted to get to church so bad to be baptised that we hiked out to meet the Trachts at the Gallaghers. We were sliding on ice the whole time. It was pretty funny. Then we all went to the nursing home. Mr. Tracht gave a great sermon and we sang some songs. Kristin, Rebekah and Garrett were all supposed to sing solo verses of Angels from the realms of glory. But Kristin didn't want to sing alone so she made me sing with her. So we squeaked our way through the song. You see I have been suffering from allergies lately and Kristin had just gotten over a cold so we both were not at our best. Yup. Thats the plain truth. On to church and baptism, becoming members and trying to stay warm pretty much wraps up the whole day. So there you have it. YEAH!!!! Signing off, Heidi


Sunday, November 30, 2008

Praise God!

Praise God for the soul saved this morning on bus A!!!!!!!! It just makes me soo excited! I went on bus A today because 5 of the workers weren't there. What an opportunity! Sarah and Ton went on the van which is the begining of Bus C's route. Sarah helped out in Shepherds ministry which is where they care for the handicapped people in the church.

Keep praying! The ministry of the body of Christ needs it and remember that your prayers DO BRING RESULTS!!!!!! Even though you may not see the results, they are still there. God is working in our nation. Have a great day, Heidi

My skills as an artist

Recently I was told that I needed to go back to kindergarten. Why? Because I drew a christmas tree. Not a standard tree. It was a real looking tree. But mommy said that I need to go back to kindergarten so I could learn how to draw a standard tree. So that is a little look into the look of Heidi

Friday, November 28, 2008

I'm finally back!!!!

Hi Y'all,
Sorry for such a long delay. It has been 28 days since I last posted! The reason is that our computer protection Besafe thingymagiger decided that my blog was bad. Mommy finally convinced them that it is indeed not bad at all. Yay! So here I am. Since then I have competed in a tournament, started going to the Y daily which is not working because I am not loosing weight like I should be. Thanksgiving didn't help too much either. Oh well. Coop is great. Acctually my choir at coop is having its first performance. We are singing crazy songs. This is what we are singing: Jingle bell rock, a round of thanks, go tell it on the mountain, bleak midwinters silent night, when will the little king come, and holiday lights. I think that is all. Contact me if you want to get directions to it.

I also have been helping my choir teacher with her other choir which consists of kids from about ages 5-11. There are 26 of them and they usually are very active. This can create a problem. Give each kid a flashlight which may or may not work, and you have possibly created a disaster. Then try sizing each kid for the performance and having them try on shirts till you have their correct size. Throw in a microphone and well I think you know the rest. Yes. It is never boring. I love working and being with little kids and it is a great opportunity. Til next post, Heidi

Friday, October 31, 2008

Bible collating

On Wednesday we had the most wonderfulest time with our girls club collating bibles. I think that Adrian said we did around 1,100. It was fun to race around the table. Kelsea was by far one of the fastest. So was Tina. So if any of you are interested in helping at this ministry, email me. The Tracht's church is making 50,000 for this community and more for other countries. Have a great week and don't eat too much candy(you can if you want to). I will try to do the same. Maybe we should all go jogging afterwards. Oh and I was carving my pumpkin into a rose, but it didn't exactly turn out the way I wanted it to. So I turned it around and made a happy face on the other side. I think that it didn't turn out because I used the wrong tools. So that is what is going on. How are all my readers doing? God Bless, <>< Heidi<><

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Halloween, an opportunity to care.

As Halloween is coming up in just 2 days, our family has been questioning whether to trick or treat. Every Halloween people across America open their homes. This holiday is not christian, yet God has given us this opportunity. This opportunity must not be passed up. In past years, our family has taken time and stayed at least half an hour in many homes of neighbors. They often just need support and someone to talk to. Consider blessing someone this Friday by just taking time out of your day to talk to them. PEOPLE DO NOT CARE HOW MUCH WE KNOW UNTIL THEY KNOW HOW MUCH WE CARE. One year I remember we forgot to visit one of our neighbors and they called us asking us to come and visit even though it was fairly late. So we did. Another neighbor looks forward so much to the visit that she bakes pies and makes apple cider just for us. Just take time to care and then they will care about why you care. So make this Halloween better than ever and remember, "It is more blessed to give than to receive." Have a great day, I am heading off soon to go collate Bibles. More on that later though. Love, Heidi

Monday, October 27, 2008

Kristina has a new blog!!!

Hey Y'all, Tina has a blog. If you want to have access to it since it is a protected blog, please email me. All of you who I know already have my email. Thx. Heidi

Saturday, October 25, 2008

A new blog

Hi folks, I just wanted to let you know that I have started a new blog. The blog is only for apologetics and prayer requests. Of course I will be keeping this blog up to date. Thx. Heidi<><
P.S. the address is

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Racoon is here

First of all we have a racoon on our farm. We don't know where he came from, but he shows up sometimes at night. Kristina believes in going green(aka. feeding every stray racoon that comes to eat the dog food.) This causes humor in our house. On monday night the racoon was eating the dog food when mom saw him. She immediately let Joy out to chase him and then realized that the racoon was headed for the chicken coup. The chickens were of course out of their pen at that moment. And we all know what racoons do to chickens. Yea. A call to arms erupted, GET THE CHICKENS BACK IN THEIR PEN BEFORE THE RACOONS EAT THEM! JE and Dad immediately headed into the dark night to rescue the chickens, very heroically. I stayed nice and warm in my bed. After the chickens were all put away and counted we all had a very uneventful night.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Bus ministry!

This Sunday I had the priviledge to help with the bus ministry! It was so neat. The kids just need Jesus Christ. They come from many different backrounds, some do not have a stable situation at home. Please pray for their salvations. Also pray for the staff to have an abundance of patience to deal with problems that arise. It was great to know that these kids are being reached with the gospel. I sat next to a very sweet little girl named Destiny.
I have probably bored you to death. So ta ta and take care and have a great week!!!!!! -Heidi

Friday, October 17, 2008

Mission's Conference!!!!!

Hi y'all
Wednesday evening, Thursday morning and evening, Friday morning and evening, Saturday evening, and Sunday, We are at Missions Conference. It has been soooooooo neat! The Tracht's pastor has chalenged the church that this year every family should hand out 250 bibles in their mission field. How neat, because that would be 50,000 bibles! America is in desperate need of God's salvation!
Gotta run, Heidi

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Beware of the dangerous baker on the loose!

On Thursday somebody in our house decided to bake cookies. But the problem was, they wanted to experiment in the way they baked them. So the person placed a cookie in the microwave and cooked it for 2 minutes. In that time, the cookie lit on fire and turned 1/2 of the cookie pitch black, the other side remained completly raw. After that, I ran in and took the cookie from the person and put it under cool water. It sizzled a lot. The whole kitchen was smoky and I decided that I probably won't let that person experiment in the kitchen again. Of course the day was saved by baking a batch of perfectly cooked cookies. So remember ALWAYS BAKE THE ITEM ACCORDING TO THE RECIPE! Ta Ta for now. The baker is still on the loose, can anybody figure out who that baker is?
God Bless<><
- Heidi

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Pictures from Mommy's surprise party!

What to blog about in the future?

I have been thinking and wanted to know your opinion about something. What do you want to see in the future on my blog? Pictures, updates, polls, etc. Please comment me with your answer. I really appreciate the feedback. That said, have a great day! God Bless,
- Heidi

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Under the influence............of benedryl?

Yesterday one of those nasty little viruses attacked me. My partner, tissue, and I have been fighting him hand, foot, and nose ever since. Last night we were joined in the fight by benedryl. He is a trained soldier and tried to influence me to go to sleep. My body immediately started obeying, but my mind would not. So there I was, falling asleep every few seconds, and then jerking awake. I felt under the influence of benedryl. Then I willing obeyed and was out in a few seconds. So here is .......................................zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz........zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.......! Huh, did you say something? I am feeling a little drowsy right now. Signing off, (your faithful warior in the battle of germs) - Heidi

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Dig Deep Get Well

Hey all readers of these posts. Here are some pics of the carnival and yard sale. It was wonderful to see how everyone could work together for the glory of God to bring water to orphans. Have a wonderful day! Heidi

JE after enjoying a cool drink

A few game booths before anybody came.

The littles enjoyed painting various designs on their faces.

Our wonderful latte lady

Mrs Tracht + Maddie

JE and Travis

Ebonay and Maddie

Jonie the kid catcher

The Popcorn man (Mr. Wagner)

Neil's classic cars.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Fire Building!

On Wednesday, I started a fire!!! It took our group of four girls nearly a whole packet of matched to light the fire. It was so much fun trying to get it going and keep it going. We also built a ring of rocks around our fire to stop it if it started to spread. But sad news, the county said that fires of any type or size are not allowed in this county. We always have huge bonfires in the winter. No more s'mores people. But at least I know how to make a fire now! Til next time, Heidi

Friday, October 3, 2008

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Back to normal....okay maybe not quite!

Hi all!
Our family is finally getting back to a normal routine. We had a full day of school and co-op yesterday. The two co-ops that we are attending are Lighthouse & Path. I am taking choir, chemistry, and high-school literature. They are all very good and I actually like them. I was originally taking biology as well, but I struggled with the teacher and the kids in the class. So for biology I will study at home or join the Nordlie's class. Ha Ha. I can just picture the looks on your faces. Yes I know Kelsea, it would be very wierd. For all of you out there who do not know the Nordlies, they are a family with 6 boys and 1 girl. We have known them for years and Mr. Nordlie is our dentist. I have to go clean for Prayer time and bake some chocolate cookies!! Ta Ta, Heidi

Saturday, September 27, 2008


Some of you may have wondered why a certain person was left out of my earlier post "baking in Bakersfield". This was purposefully done so that I can now expound on one of my favorite people in this world. Katherine!!! She is a very gifted teacher, story teller, babysitter, friend, cousin. Just this last visit, she held our attention with a very captivating story. It was unusual and very, very, funny. Some of us could not stop laughing at the discriptions of ourselves. I will always fondly remember that night. My cousins always spoil us. I MISS All OF YOU COUSINS SOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!! God Bless, Heidi

Friday, September 26, 2008

To Disney Land and Beyond!

Hey Everyone,
I am so excited! I am also very sad to leave everyone down here in the golden state. Today we are going to Disney land for the whole day!!!!! I hope you all are well and enjoying school. I will try to post some pictures if I remember to take them. Have a great day, Heidi


Yesterday was Uncle Ted's funeral. It was nice to have almost all the aunts and uncles there. After the service, we all went to uncle Chris' for a luncheon/snack/fellowship time. All of us kids went to the park to take pictures with frames. It was fun. Xander took some great ones and I did too. Hopefully I will post some when he sends me the edited ones. Gotta go, Heidi

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The murder of Bob the Tomato

Very little is known about the case. Unfortunately there were no finger prints. All that was left was a letter saying,
"goodbye Bob, we really did need you for tomato sauce. Don't tell the cops. You cannot find us or trace us. Sincerely, Chef Larry the Cucumber".

We are still trying to decipher the letter and find out who its from. Although we have a few clues, it is definitely not an easy case but we can handle it. For starters, before Bob died, Larry wrote the pizza angel song. The song stated that he really REALLY wanted tomato sauce NOW! We didn't know if there was any connection, it was quite unlikely. We have visited several of his friends houses and they were all very clean. Except Larry's house, it looked liked a red bomb had gone off inside it. Larry said that it was lava. We believe that he was telling the truth, though the smell of tomato was overpowering inside. If you have any questions or clues that might help us with this baffling case, please feel free to comment.
(posted by Evanthia & Heidi)

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


I have a 1 year old cousin with downs syndrome. I saw her on Sunday and she is doing so well. Her laughter and smiles are very contagious. When I see children like these, happy and without cares, I wonder how could anyone abort them? Yet in this day and age it is common to abort a child just because he is a boy, or because she has downs. These children had no choice, yet they are killed just as brutally. God said let the little children come unto me and restrain them not. God loves all the little children in the world, born or unborn. I ask you to pray about them, for them, and for their parents. Our duty as followers of Christ is to love our neighbor. If we all loved people more, this world would be a much better place. So spread the love of Christ everywhere!!!!!! -Heidi

Baking in Bakersfield!

Hi y'all,
I am staying with my cousins. It has been so nice to be with little kids again. I also enjoy spending time with my talented cousins. Joanna can do the most stupendous hair dos. Evanthia keeps me laughing. Fotini is the doctor of the group. Savvas is the oldest boy, and sometimes a prankster. Then come the noise makers. It is never silent with them around.

Kristina dressed up as a clown and the little boys loved it. Of course Joseph who is four had to wear it. So he has pretty much worn it on and off all day. It includes a bright orange afro, huge shoes, funny socks, cute outfit. He was so cute stumbling around in that.

On our way up here, we spent time with Veronica one of my cousins. She is a bright light in her college. She really reflects Christ. Please pray for her family as they are not Christians. Enough said, have a great week. Love, Heidi

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Sorrows of sunscreen

I made the most unwise decision today to apply a certain substance to my face known to many as, sunscreen. This resulted in my turning into a lobster. The reaction includes slight swelling, very red cheeks, and hot/burning feeling. Despite this I still had the most wonderful, saltiest, funest time boogie boarding with the cousins and Aunt Christi. She was a good teacher. I caught some nice large waves and rode them in. Besides swallowing several gallons of salt water, I would definitely do it again. Til next time, Heidi

Friday, September 19, 2008

Cousins, Aunt and Uncle!

At the request of a certain person, I will blog about my cousins and aunt & uncle. We are staying with Aunt Christi and Uncle Richard, Alexander and Evangeline. They are wonderful hosts.

Z is 17 and a senior in highschool. He loves jamming and hanging out with friends. He is very talented at sports. He also excells at Nerts. Thanks for being a GREAT cousin Z!!!

E is in 6th grade and as spunky as she can be. She says about her and Kristina: " We may be nice, but we are very naughty". She makes everyone's lives interesting. Without Babe, it would be a very boring world.

Aunt Christi is a patient host. I can't imagine how hard it must be to put up with us, yet she does it every year, and even asks us to come back. She the queen of spaghetti sauce. Her kindness and patience are very evident. She cared for Uncle Ted and helped make the end of his life more comfortable.

Uncle Richard is one of my very favorite people. He can always make you smile no matter what. His childhood adventure stories are thrilling, exciting, funny. All of us children beg for them. He is always the peacemaker and very patient.

So there you have it.

Uncle Ted

I would like to ask all of you to pray for our family. My uncle Ted is dying or has died. He was Grandpa's brother. He was 80, and has struggled with spinal bifida, I think, all his life. I believe that he was saved. It was really amazing that we were down here at this time to be able to help the family through this. Keep praying, Heidi

Whoa Buddy!

Hello all lovers of little kids!
I went to the zoo yesterday with the cutest of little cousins. His name is Ayden. He loves to have me hold his hands and swing him around. He calls it Whoa Buddy. I also have a 5 month old cousin Corbyn. He is really cute too. At the zoo we saw so many exotic animals. One of my favorite was a monkey. Now this was no ordinary monkey. He had gotten hold of a plastic disposable camera and was EATING IT! What an appetite! How amazing God's creation is. The colors, varieties, are just breathtaking. Ayden also liked the flamingos, giraffes, and elephants, jaguar, and leopards. Oh and in case you are wondering, the last post was written by xander. I hope you all are well and enjoying life. I will be back the 27th.


Dear all Readers of these posts,

I am having a marvelous time with my cousin alexander. Most call him "Z" We are doing the most wonderful things.

Today, we ventured to Sea Port Village. After much physical exercise, we made our way to the "harbor house restaurant" Our cousin Tiffany was our waitress. the food was of much excellence, and the dining was superb. I kept on stealing my cousin Z's fries. It was quite enjoyable.

Lately at the Guzzo Household, the littles have been up to much mischief. They have a secret stash of sugary delights, in which they fuel themselves with much incessant energy.

Won-Ton and i have been enjoying our California lives with the cousins.

Z and i baked the most delectable cookies. We used an amazing secret ingredient that i am sure that i will use on all of my future baking ventures.

Won-Ton is Crazy!