Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Baking in Bakersfield!

Hi y'all,
I am staying with my cousins. It has been so nice to be with little kids again. I also enjoy spending time with my talented cousins. Joanna can do the most stupendous hair dos. Evanthia keeps me laughing. Fotini is the doctor of the group. Savvas is the oldest boy, and sometimes a prankster. Then come the noise makers. It is never silent with them around.

Kristina dressed up as a clown and the little boys loved it. Of course Joseph who is four had to wear it. So he has pretty much worn it on and off all day. It includes a bright orange afro, huge shoes, funny socks, cute outfit. He was so cute stumbling around in that.

On our way up here, we spent time with Veronica one of my cousins. She is a bright light in her college. She really reflects Christ. Please pray for her family as they are not Christians. Enough said, have a great week. Love, Heidi

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  1. There is also another cousin that apparently didn't deserve any mention... :( *tear*