Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Hi Friends, Family, and all the rest! Mexico was a huge eye-opener. The poverty is abundant, but the people are soooo open to the gospel. We were able to see the work of a friend Juan Domingo. He has started several churches, a bible school. orphanages, and a special needs orphanage is being built right now as God provides the funds. Juan has obeyed the LORD with his life, and now the LORD is blessing him.

One thing he said really hit home:
Obedience is not obedience if you want to do it, because you didn't do it to obey, but to please yourself. Obedience is obedience when you don't want to obey but still do.

I had some interesting experiences like one time I was dropped off at a Mexican family's house to help them cook food for the outreach. They didn't speak much English and I do not speak much Spanish. It was fun trying to communicate with them using signs or attempting to say words in Espaniol. I did pick up a little spanish, ok, maybe only a few words.

In Mexico they don't have rules like: buckle your seat belt, drive the speed-limit, ride inside your truck not outside. It was fun. We also had some of the best food ever. The pan dulce was very good.

The outreach was very succesful. Over 500 people came and were blessed. It was a very winsome way to share the gospel. So despite all, I survived and did not get kidnapped.
I am in CA and will back soon. I definitely miss all you folks. Take care.

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