Thursday, September 18, 2008


WARNING: Do not read this if you hate trying new foods!

That said, I will begin my tale. It is a fishy sort of tale because it involves fish which makes it fishy. I went to the fish market with Debbie. They have many type of fish like: Stingray, marlin, tuna, squid. Afterwards, we were hungry and so sought out a place to satisfy the cravings of hunger. Debbie suggested that we try a "GREAT" fish taco place right down the street. So after a little convincing(I am not really a seafood person) we all ordered and ate delicious tacos. The thing we didn't remember was to ask as to what type of fish was in the tacos. Debbie told us later that it was not really fish, it was SHARK! So now my tale is told. I hope you will brave your worst fears and try something new, exotic, out of the ordinary. You will not be disapointed, maybe a little surprised. After all, now I can say I have eaten shark, Can you?

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