Friday, September 19, 2008


Dear all Readers of these posts,

I am having a marvelous time with my cousin alexander. Most call him "Z" We are doing the most wonderful things.

Today, we ventured to Sea Port Village. After much physical exercise, we made our way to the "harbor house restaurant" Our cousin Tiffany was our waitress. the food was of much excellence, and the dining was superb. I kept on stealing my cousin Z's fries. It was quite enjoyable.

Lately at the Guzzo Household, the littles have been up to much mischief. They have a secret stash of sugary delights, in which they fuel themselves with much incessant energy.

Won-Ton and i have been enjoying our California lives with the cousins.

Z and i baked the most delectable cookies. We used an amazing secret ingredient that i am sure that i will use on all of my future baking ventures.

Won-Ton is Crazy!

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