Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Beware of the dangerous baker on the loose!

On Thursday somebody in our house decided to bake cookies. But the problem was, they wanted to experiment in the way they baked them. So the person placed a cookie in the microwave and cooked it for 2 minutes. In that time, the cookie lit on fire and turned 1/2 of the cookie pitch black, the other side remained completly raw. After that, I ran in and took the cookie from the person and put it under cool water. It sizzled a lot. The whole kitchen was smoky and I decided that I probably won't let that person experiment in the kitchen again. Of course the day was saved by baking a batch of perfectly cooked cookies. So remember ALWAYS BAKE THE ITEM ACCORDING TO THE RECIPE! Ta Ta for now. The baker is still on the loose, can anybody figure out who that baker is?
God Bless<><
- Heidi