Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Idaho Tourny pics

Drew Deems...........The best timer ever!!!!!!!!!
Blaire Bayliss and Mrs. Bayliss
Lauren Reavely (watch out, she is one GREAT apologist) myself, and Kristen Tracht
(Kristen is my duo partner)
The lovely Tessa Deems, myself and the lovely Mrs. Deems
A few moms and judge cordinators and judges catching a quick lunch between rounds
(My mom, Mrs. Deems, Teran Clark, Mrs. Clark, Mrs. Danielson)
Marissa Olsen and Jordan Brawner..... Don't they look like they are selling that drink?
Kristopher Clark (aka detective Kris) selling me chips.... He does his ten minute expos in four minutes and a five minute impromptu in 9 minutes. WOW!!!!!
Aaron Paul (you have to meet this person, definitely one of a kind) + my little bro
Duo partners
My friend Creighton..... I caught him when he wasn't ready for a photo. =)
Max Nelsen..... If only he knew how feared he really was!
Awwwww.......... Siblings
A few friends having a name mixup lunch... Tessa Deems, Acacia Danielson, Me, Rebekah Ptak
The RUBICS cube of brain torture..... Only one person in this world (that I know of) can solve these, without looking at them, in a matter of seconds... and that is Dylan Deems

Rebekah Ptak taking pleasure in freaking my out!

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