Saturday, April 25, 2009

Regionals.... and a few pics...

First of all, here is the room we stayed in. Not that you really needed to know that.
And our hotel! There were so many other friends all at this hotel; the Clarks, Danielsons, Beasleys, Rathbuns, Ptaks, Carters, Fryes, Kostovs, Butlers, and us and the Trawcynzinskis.

Us with Denise, or Nicee, and her boy friend and the two kids who were staying with us, Matt and Sarah.
Eating cheese cake....YUM
Sarah's papers saying that she qualifyed to Nationals!
Denise and Sarah... and Patrick Butler in the background.
A sideways picture of us drinking our soda that we just bought at Acacia park. Notice that they are trying to be cool.
The park which we think was named after our good friend Acacia.
Another park photo...
Abigail Dejarnnette... one of our good friends
Matt and JE.... good friends...
Sarah early in the morning....Sarabeth Mullins another good friend...
JE playing Nintendo DS. If you aren't laughing you should be. =)
Lets just say that the running joke at the tourny was that JE loved the DS that he stayed up all night playing it and when he didn't win a game he would go crazy and go to Mathew for counseling. Also each night he would hold it and say "Smooth and Sleek, I know I shouldn't but yet I will." Yup we teased him. BTW none of the above should be held against him as it is only a joke...

Wow! One big blast of competition, friends, late nights, headaches, and toooooo many stairs!!! It actually was a great experience, and I made so many more friends.
Also I have now become almost as good as Creighton Deems at slap. That is an accomplishment!!! Yup the simple pleasures in life.
While we were in Colorado, we saw some of our relatives. Davin and Denise (my twin cousins), and their boyfriend and girlfriend. Our family got to spend some time with Uncle Frank and Aunt Sally, and Aunt Sandy before she headed back to China. They are wonderful people. Aunt Sally is recovering from a major stroke that she had. Uncle Frank took the opportunity to show us some object lessons about relying on Christ. He had about 16 nails all balanced on one nail. How? Christ.
Denise went to a late dinner birthday party with us for my little sis Kristina. She turned 12 on the 18. Isn't that just a little scary???? So now Sarah is 17, I am 15, JE is almost 14 and Tina is 12!!!! AHHHHHH we're getting old!

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  1. Janet Gallagher4/26/09, 8:36 PM

    Aww, Heidi, what's so bad about getting older? I'm aging at the same pace as you! (acknowledged that I am a year younger) Sounds like you had a good time! I wish that I could join... Perhaps next year, if Mom and Dad will let me? We'll see. See you on Tuesday!

    ~Janet Gallagher (Psalm 13:6)