Saturday, April 11, 2009

Teen Pact!!!

You must must must must go to Teen Pact. It was the most wonderful experience with the most awesome people and we actually learned something!!!! We had the opportunity to hear from Justice Sanders, Representatives, Lobyists, Senators, and many more people. I grew spiritually, mentally, and made soooo many friends. I was in the HEWD comittee. We got to do mock legislature. JE and Sarah both ran for Senator but unfortunately didn't get elected. JE also sang opera. You should ask him about it. HILARIOUS. I was kindof shocked. One of the highlights was praying at different places around the capitol. We had random people come up and ask us, who are you, you are so different, so well behaved! It was neat to be able to represent Christ, through our actions and speech. After all everywhere we go we send out a message. Who's message are you sending out? Actually we are going to Survival!! ;) I hope I will survive. More later on Teenpact. Like pranks that were played, games, skits and much much more. Stay tuned for my next post. Heidi

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