Monday, September 7, 2009

School starts tomorrow...

Hey all,
School starts tomorrow :( so i won't be able to post that much......
Anyways comment or email me and keep in touch. I have never gone to an actual school so i am extremely nervous and very nervous and did I mention that I am nervous??? Oh and to celebrate labor day today, we all labored!!! wasn't that brilliant of my parents? hahaha anyways i have to get to bed early tonight. And i will post some funny stories about Kristina....
-- Yesterday Kristina got her head accidentally smashed in the door. After her tears had ceased she turned to the very repentent head smasher and said, "You just broke the seventh commandment when you smashed my head in the door." LOL she meant the verse about loveing your neighbor as yourself.......:)
A few nights ago at dinner we were discussing Obama's address to the school children of America and all the controversy around it. My little sister piped up and said I don't know why they would want to listen to him....That would be SOOOO boring, You would have to just sit there and listen to them say, The white house, Washington D.C. the white house Washington D.C.!!!!!! lol I thought that was really funny :)
During a conversation Kristina was trying to prove that she had cleaned John Elliot's room and said "Mom can protest that I cleaned it"... :)


  1. Janet Gallagher9/9/09, 12:29 PM

    Heehee! There's no real conection between accidentaly slaming someone's head in a door and breaking the 7th comandment, "you shall not comit adultry". She didn't seem to be in pain at the prayer meeting yesterday, so I assume that she's feeling better.

    Tawny was over yesterday after the prayer meeting, and the course of conversation turned to names. Paul's middle name is Elliot, and Mom thought that it was funny that JE's middle name was Elliott too. But I thought that it was Torleaf or something like that… What is his middle name?

    Anyway, I hope to see you on Friday! You still want me to make a pie, right? If I don't hear from you, I'll assume that you do. See you soon!

    Janet Gallagher (Psalm 13:6)

  2. Veronica Amsden9/14/09, 7:26 PM

    I hope school is going well... It's already been a week-ish, so I hope you're feeling settled in :) Sorry I never emailed when I said I would!! I am so bad about that. But summer school ended a week ago. I ended up only taking biochemistry. It was so fun! I dropped organic chemistry because I didn't feel prepared... I think it was a wise choice. I got an A in biochemistry, but I probably wouldn't have if I were busy with both classes.
    I started an internship at a hospital in Poway and have been doing that every day... it's so fun! I just help the nurse aides, but I see so much and everyone has good advice for me.
    Fall quarter starts next week... my club (Missions Worldwide) is going to be very active trying to recruit people to be interns and to come on our missions trips and to join our campus evangelism. Please pray for us!!!! We want the club to grow and continue after we graduate.
    I would love to tell you more... but I lost your email... and Sarah's... :( I don't know where anything is right now, I just moved into this apartment two weeks ago... so if you could send them that would be great!

    Sorry this is so long... but I miss you guys! Give me a call or text anytime!
    Love, Veronica