Monday, June 8, 2009


Massage time
Game time
Micah and Mrs. Campbell
A study in facial expressions
Peace, coffee and kransekake
Morgan trying to find the mafia
Mr. and Mrs. Mullins
Mr. and Mrs. Weller...
Mr. Campbell Warming up around the campfire
Daddy putting up the tents
The Fryes early in the morning eating breakfast
The boys
We had fun playin uno
Jos putting the pinatta up
Abe was always smiling and always ready for a game of tag. He would come up to me and say tage you are it. Then he would run and touch a tree or the picnic table and say, you can't get me, I'm on base. He was a very special kid.
Tina after loosing uno
Aaron playing the guitar for evening worship.
Crammed into the car, looking for oncoming cars so the extra people could "Duck in time"
Booey and Anica one of the twins
Can you believe that we crammed about 11 people into our 7 passenger van? It was a fun, very illegal ride back to camp!
A little more of the falls
A small part of the falls
A large log they were playing with
The hikers
Sarabeth and Aaron being funny=)
Samuel, Sarabeth's bro
Jos in front of our campground area....
The twins, can you tell them apart??? Anica and Aundra
Morgan, making a face at having his pic taken, though Sarah says thats his normal...
Hoey Frye (aka. Hosanna)
Rayni Frye
Roasting marshmellows for smores
Jedidiah by the fire...
Kezziah warming up by the fire...
Hey we just got back on Sunday. I missed bus ministry, but thats alright. Anyway here are the pics. Hope you enjoy it. We were at Rainbow falls state park. It was a beautiful location that was slightly cold but otherwise great. We had so much fun playing tons of ultimate frisbee, soccer, volleyball, rafting and much more...I will post more about it later(hopefully).

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  1. Nice! I ran into this blog from google. Great pics!