Monday, June 1, 2009


One word of warning: DON'T!!!
Okay I should have heeded that word of warning. But my mother decided that I would learn how to play tennis, whether I liked it or not. So on Thursday I ventured out onto the court and met the other players. Some of the girls seemed really nice. Then the coach taught us or tried to teach us fourhand. I didn't get it. Yeah. It was really bad. You have to hold the racket and then mid-swing turn it around and put a spin on the ball. Also you have to plan and be about five feet from where the ball bounces. Confusing, very confusing. JE picked it up right away and is the second best person in our group. I am at the opposite end of skill level. So keep me in your thoughts tomorrow when I head in for another lesson of tennis. The coach is really nice but he gets a little impatient when I can't hit the ball, or hit it right.

Also I will most likely be going to church school this year. I will be playing on the volleyball team. It will be a huge chalenge. But I know that I can learn another sport.
The one big thing that will be the hardest about not homeschooling is that I won't be able to compete in NCFCA. I have hundreds of friends in the NCFCA and will miss all of them. This would have been the year that I could have done debate but alas that will not be. So farewell to NCFCA.


  1. What!????? Waahhhhhh! No Heidi? I'll miss you. =(

    But you'll have a blast playing volleyball.

  2. Janet Gallagher6/3/09, 6:59 PM

    Hmm... it's good that JE's reasonably skilled at tennis... Paul invited him to play with Paul and Dad... (sorry about the lack of pronouns, it sounded strange without normal nouns) I'm not sure what skill my family is at, but do I know that I tend to play all sports like baseball! Oh well! The result is that I tend to hit the ball with the frame of the racket, not the strings! That occasionally works... kinda like my volleyball style. Good luck!

    Are you still going to have the Prayer Meeting with you at school? (We really need to rename that!) I hope so... The Trachts can still come! Is everyone else still homeschooling in your family? I'll miss your freedom of schedule! But if this is God's will, then so be it.

    Janet Gallagher (Psalm 13:6)