Tuesday, June 9, 2009

more pics

Me being a statue and trying not to laugh, I didn't succeed

Tina and Friends

Booey and Munchie

Most of the group

Mom and Mrs. Frye

Sarah, Lauren, and I
Tom, Jos, and Zeb

Zeb and Hoey
Dad and Mr. West having a good laugh

Mr. and Mrs. Mullins
Lauren and us girls playing statue


  1. Heidi!!! Your mom and sister and I are sitting on the couch drinking coffee and going through your blog! What a delight! (okay, enough exclamation points...) We miss you and hope you and Kristina are doing well in Auburn. Love and hugs from your cousin Kristine

  2. Janet Gallagher6/18/09, 1:08 PM

    Hey Heidi, I was just wondering when JE, Sarah, and your mom are getting back! I haven't been able to contact you by phone lately... We didn't know if when and where the prayer meeting was going to be on Tuesday. Did you?

    'til next time,

    Janet Gallagher