Friday, July 10, 2009


Hey All,
What is going on for you these days? Are you having a wonderful relaxing summer, or a crazy, busy, super fast one??? Mine is crazier than I ever wanted it to be. So much going on. I am hoping that I will still have time to fit in a couple VBS's. They are my absolute favorite thing to do in the summer. SO MUCH MORE FUN THAN ANY CAMP. Okay, okay that was totally personal opinion. Between camps, tennis lessons, volleyball, church, bus ministry, prayertime, relatives, remodeling, summer school, getting enrolled in FBCA, helping Trudy, etc... there really has not been much time left. I sometimes wonder if time is speeding up. At least it feels that way. Things that used to take so long are gone in what seems a second. Its probably just my imagination though. Anyway I added some things to the blog. The abortion counter is a reminder to all of us to stand up for those who have no voice. It really shocked me how many abortions are done a day. I had no idea.

Oh I do have to tell you something funny. Last Sunday when I was sitting by a couple of bus kids, they asked me how old I was. So I said that they should guess. The little boy in front of me said are you 100,00 years old??? That really cracked me up. Hahahahaha.
To all my faithful bloggies, have a great summer and tell me what to post because I have no idea.

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  1. Janet Gallagher7/11/09, 9:48 PM

    Hmm... How about random interviews with friends and family members? That'd be fun for readers who don't know very many of your friends.