Saturday, November 20, 2010


This year I had the priveledge of attending Christian Musicians Summit with my church!
It was a blast!
There were so many friends there and we did some awesome crazy stuff. :) If you were there you know what i am talking about! :D
Anyhoodles, we just had a blast!
Probably my two favorite musicians were Jonathan Lee and the guitar guy(I can't remember his name for the life of me).
That weekend was probably just about as crazy as it could get. We had three of the Hess's staying with us. That was crazy. :D
But it was generally an awesome time... :D LOL it was crazy rocking out during the jazz session, or the girls car! you are probably all wondering what that is, but what goes on in the girls car stays in the girls car. if you get what i mean. :D But anyhoodles, I had so much fun chillin with the Harpers, Debusscheres, Engstroms, Johnsons, Mullins, Babbitts, etc... Totally amazing people and great friends....! :D

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