Thursday, March 11, 2010


Hey Y'all,
How are you all doing?
This year has been tough, but a good tough. God is so good. Lately He has been teaching me just to trust Him for everything. I am a worrier. But lately, just reminding myself every day that He is in control and nothing happens that God does not know about has helped me so much. No more tension headaches!!!!!!! You know sometimes I start trying to plan my future(I say trying because it never works out the way I planned) and then God gently tells me, "Heidi, thats not what I have for you, My plan for you is so much better that what you have for yourself. Just trust me for what you do not see. Have faith that I will take care of you." Every time that I give it up to God, it turns out 100 times better than what I had planned.
So I just wanted to share with you all about something the Lord has been teaching me. Trust, and Faith.

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