Thursday, January 8, 2009

Bend the Knee!!

"Lift your heart toward heaven when the answer goes beyond what you can see. When you don't understand the purpose of his hand, in the presence of your king, bend the knee." This is one of my favorite songs. It brings me to prayer, and reminds me that God has a perfect plan. I do not why God has us go through hardships, but I do know that He never leaves us during them. Every hardship that Moses, Abraham, Daniel, David, Joseph, and Paul went through, ultimately brought a blessing. Did Moses understand why he had to lead the children of God out of Egypt and take them to the promise land? Did Noah see why he had to build an ark? Did Daniel know why he was taken to Babylon, or Joseph to Egypt? No. But every situation in which we find ourselves, that we don't understand, know that God has a plan. My Grandmother lost one of her sons when he was only three months old. She did not understand why God would let her baby die. But God knew that later she would be a missionary to Mongolia. In the place they were the TB rate was 75%. Every single family had lost somebody and since she had lost a son, she could comfort people. Look for the purpose in your trial. A few years back my appendix ruptured. I nearly died. Through that hardship I have been able to relate to others who are going surgeries and are scared. For nearly 8 years my grandmother had Alzheimer's disease, which slowly kills your brain. It hurt us so much that she didn't know who we were, couldn't talk, and didn't even know who her husband of 60+ years was. Now I can relate and help others who have elderly, sick, and dying parents. I could not do that if I had not gone through it myself. Look for the gift in the problem. It may be hidden well, but it is there. So bend the knee through every trial, because He knows eternity!!!!!

Okay so this is a essay(sort of) that I wrote today. I hope you all enjoy it. Sorry for my negligence in not posting. I will try to start again. -Heidi

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