Thursday, January 15, 2009

Don't worry.......I'm Still Here..........Maybe

If you were wondering about the flooding up here, we did not get flooded out. It was acctually very nice because our coop was flooded out. So we did not have to go and take a chemistry test. That was awesome!!!!! But the sad part is that now we have two tests on Monday.
Life is busier than ever. Sarah went to Utah and did terrific.
She placed 6th Apologetics, 3rd Expos, 7th Impromptu, 13th LD, 5th Place Speaker LD!!
Sarah is amazing!!!
She flew back on Sunday(11)at 12:30. The next day her plane left at 6:00am. She is at Masters and comes back home this Sunday at 12:30. Then on the Wednesday(21) we are driving down to the Clarion Tournament. After that we have to drive back overnight to be back on Sunday for Bus Ministry and church. I think I will need to sleep for a week to catch up. I still have to finish some things for the tournament. My persuasive is not exactly in existence yet. :D But I'm working on it. Gotta go now, Heidi

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