Thursday, January 8, 2009

Bus "B", + other things

Hey all readers,
How was your christmas and new years? We had a nice, quiet, white, Christmas. Grandma was here. She taught us new games. Pray for her, please.

I am pretty officially on Bus "B". YEAH!!!! A few years ago I was in a Thursday Bible study with the Tracht girls. The last day my Mom asked us girls how much we were willing to let God increase our ministries. I know that everything is possible so I asked God for an increase of 100fold. He answered. This summer we raised 9,000 dollars to dig a well for orphans in Uganda, got baptised this fall, joined a church, and I am in the neatest ministry. I am in a choir and help teach another. I have a memory verse incentive program for the kids at Pray and Play. WITH GOD ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!!! It still amazes me that he can use someone like me. Please pray for my little friend as she has stopped coming to church. Her little brother comes every week. She needs Jesus. He likes coming to church. I am praying for his salvation. Well have a great week and keep "bending the knee". Oh and at church this week I heard the best preaching I have ever heard. God convicted me of some areas of my life that I needed to get right. I have been so blessed this week. The Babbitt and Shoemakers came with us to Preachers Delight at church. Over 70 Pastors came from all over to be built up. Us teen agers also had a conference and learned so much. I have seen God at work. This is the time to Pray. -Heidi

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