Friday, January 30, 2009

Clarion Tourny Pics

A few pics. I hope you all like them. This year at Clarion was the best it has ever been. The fellowship with other believers was amazing. Everyone at Clarion is like one big family.

My little sis Kristina with a few buddies

Nathan and Colleen Sleadd. Aren't they the cutest couple?

The two sweetest little twins I have ever met.
Sorry I am prejudiced. And yes, I can tell them apart, can you?
(Murren, Kristina, Mailee)
Sarah is second in impromptu.
Kira Clark is third.
Sarah taking third in expos.

Kira Clark takes 5th in apologetics....
Sarah takes 8th.

Sarah taking ironwoman and sweepstakes.....

The unforgettable Deems duo in action.......
The lovely Kira Clark and Sarah Chaffee, two
of my favorite people in the world.
Sarah and Colin deep in debate cross-examination.
Tait Deems...... Who is he pointing at?
The amazing Creighton Deems!!!!
A few friends eating ice cream bars...........
(Sarah, Kira, Lacey)

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