Monday, February 16, 2009


On Friday and Saturday our family passed out Bibles. We did around a hundred. So many were grateful to recieve the word of God. The people who were deeper in sin were more grateful and receptive to the scriptures than anyone else!!! So many were UTI(under the influence) and not living good lifestyles. Yet seeing them reminded me of how Christ saw them. He looked at them through eyes of love and forgave them. He did not condemn them. So many times we look past people and say oh they will never get saved!! But every person on this planet is going to one of two destinations, Heaven or hell. Our pastor told us that once he was talking with a person from a different religion. They said to him"You don't actually believe that God would send people to hell". He said "Yes I do." To that they replied, "If you really believed that unrepentant sinners go to hell, you would do everything and tell everyone about Jesus, to keep them out of that horrible place." We all know that there is a hell and that everyone who does not believe on Jesus Christ will go there. Yet most of us do nothing. People are dying every day and spending eternity separated from God. I can't think of anything worse than that.
Share the gospel with somebody today.
Will you let God use you to do something great? Or will you limit him with your disobedience and disbelief?
I know that it can be pretty scary to talk to people. I happen to have had plenty of experience(thankyou mom) talking to people who I have never met before. Lets just say that it is now in the hundreds. I find that it helps to tell yourself, "Jesus loves this person, I can love them for his sake."

I hope this helps you some. Please leave me a comment.

I am so excited!! We are going to pass out the next hundred and fifty bibles on or before easter!!!

Oh and bye the way, ARE YOU RAPTURE READY?!!!! more on that later........

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