Monday, February 23, 2009

AppleTree Tourny

The Tourny is finally over. IT WAS TOTALLY AWESOME!!!!! My sis won the lincoln douglas debate for the second time. I also qualified to regionals in impromptu!!! Its actually my first time to qualify in anything!!!!!!! Soooo exciting!!! I will try to put some pics on next post. Overall it was the best tourny yet in my opinion. Everyone was so friendly. I have a few highlights:

Stomping on the ground to get the worms to come up. (Yes the Frye's taught me this and it actually works)
Being so tired that when I was told that I had already eaten my pizza, I actually believed this and yes my brother and Krissy convinced me while they were consuming what once was mine. I still don't know how they did it.
Getting freaked out by a locked door that kept banging even though the room it led into was dark. The reason it banged was a varience in air pressure.
Ducking just in time to save myself from getting hit in the head with a flying basketball.
Winning in Apples to Apples.
Breaking in impromptu for the first time ever.
Timing a really fun debate between Grayson and JE. They kept having podium and google wars.
Watching Kira play with a rubber chicken.
Seeing my sis sodge debate Kathryn Knight in finals round.
Getting a free lunch.
Hanging out with the coolest people ever!!!! (Grayson, Cale, Will, Connor, Calvin, Bridget, Katrina, Sarah, Acacia, Kira, Kris, Rebekah, Krissy, Mathew, and all the rest of you)
Running around like crazy!!!
Sinking into the ground with my high heels.
Taking random pics of a few friends when they were not looking!!!!!
Watching Margaret's jaw drop when she got third place in apologetics. This was her first time competing in it.
And much more.......

We are already signed up for Puget Sound Regional Qually, and Inland Northwest Regional Qually.
I hope to see all of you there!

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